A note from our founder: Kinfo is a go – whoa!

Hello, Kinfolks! (Still trying that term on for size. It’s either perfect or really cheesy. Time will tell.)

Our demo is now live. Whew. I’ve never launched a startup (though I was once part of a fantastic one) or had my own business. I guess this is how it feels when something stops being a concept and starts being an actual thing – one that other people can see and use…and like or hate. All I can do is hope the scales tip more toward “like” but with enough constructive feedback to help us make Kinfo its best possible self when we launch next year. In fact, we’ve already implemented some fantastic feedback we got the day after we launched. Onward!

My other big hope right now is that people will be able to feel the love and commitment that have gone into our site so far. Because I came up with this idea as way to honor my late grandparents (my grandpa on my dad’s side and my “gramma” on my mom’s), this has been more than just a “project.” Every decision we make is in part informed by how I’d want anyone else to treat my own family’s stories. It’s a lovely barometer to have at my disposal.

I do believe my grandparents would be proud of what we’re trying to do with Kinfo. They’re never far from my mind as we continue to develop the site. I often wonder which story prompts they’d choose. And whether Gramma would wear her Yankees hat (while suggesting we eat more vegetables, relevant to the prompt or not). Or if my grandpa would raise a glass of sambuca in a prompt about holiday traditions.

So welcome, dear users*! We can’t wait to hear what you think after you’ve kicked our site’s tires and taken it for a virtual spin. Your input will fuel our ongoing refinement process. (OK, that’s enough with the car metaphors.) We still have a long way to go before our “real launch” – wait ’til you see some of the cool features we’ve dreamed up! But right now we’re just thankful to finally share this part of our journey with you. Oh, and while we have your attention: Please go eat some vegetables.

Happy storytelling,


* Although we hate this word (“users”), it seems unavoidable here in “tech world.” It might even be worse than “Kinfolks.” It’s probably better if I don’t know.